About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality ESSENTIAL OILS & Bath Products

We believe in supporting local ESSENTIAL OIL producers. Products not locally sourced are bought from local companies importing ESSENTIAL OILS. We are proudly a South African Company supporting local business!

Our Company

VITA OLEUM was born out of the frustration of paying TOO MUCH for ESSENTIAL OILS. We found that the South African market was dominated by 2 big American MLM companies, providing products up to 10X more than locally produced ESSENTIAL OILS. We are servicing this need for an alternative solution by providing high quality, locally sourced ESSENTIAL OILS from local producers.

We believe that this is our duty as South Africans to do our part. We can only rebuild our community and country by supporting our local businesses. Most of our ESSENTIAL OILS are bought from local producers, where we can not source from a local producer, our other ESSENTIAL OILS are bought from local importers of these products. Our range of Handgemaakt Bath Products are made by us, from products ALL sourced from our local community. We are PROUDLY a South African company supporting #localbusiness 

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